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You….The Underwater Adventurer…..


Geo Divers is Sydney’s premier PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, offering you the chance to Discover Scuba Diving in Sydney. You never know where this journey may lead.  Check out the PADI Open Water Diver Course and find out just how easy it is for you to learn to dive with Geo Divers.

Learning to dive – what a great decision.  The way people learn new skills is different, we understand this.  Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles often mean time is of a premium.  As such Geo Divers has developed several training schedules from the PADI System of diver education to cater for even the most demanding of schedules.  Check out the options below and find out which method best suits your needs.  If you are not sure, call our team on (02) 9689 2057 and discuss your needs.  Its so easy, you can start this week.  The options include:

PADI Discover Scuba Diving – $85 and $165
A day at a heated swimming pool, followed by a open water dive in Sydney’s beautiful bays. More info….

PADI Scuba Diver – $275 (after e-Learning)
Certified Scuba Divers get to enjoy diving under the guidance of a Divemaster or Instructor. More info…

PADI Open Water Diver Referral – $195 (after e-Learning)
Don’t waste time on your Vanuatu holiday, complete your pool & theory sessions here, then complete your dives when your away. More info…

PADI Open Water Diver – $475 (after e-Learning)
This is your license to dive anywhere in the world, upto 18m with your dive buddy.  Learn to dive today. More info….

PADI Open Water Diver eLearning – $187 (plus GST)
Come dive in and start your adventure today with the PADI Open Water Diver course online.

Kids Diving Courses

So your kids spend more time in the water than on dry land on holiday?  You are probably right they are ready to learn to dive.  Find out about kids learning to scuba dive and snorkel with our team of PADI Instructors who are dedicated to developing the underwater world for young people.  If you are not sure, call our team on +61 (02) 9689 2057 and discuss your needs.  The options include:

PADI Bubblemaker – $85
An afternoon or evening’s taster session for 8 year – 10 year olds in a heated swimming pool.

PADI Seal Team – $450
This includes five pool Aquamission adventures, Seal Team DVD, Manual and Log Book and Seal Team Graduation.

PADI Seal Specialty AquaMissions – $145
Are your kids ready for the Seal Team Specialty AquaMissions? Price quoted includes x2 AquaMissions.

PADI Junior Open Water Diver – $375 (after e-Learning)
This is your childrens license to dive anywhere in the world, upto 12m with an adult or a PADI Divemaster or Instructor.  Get the whole family learning to dive today.

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver – $395 (after e-Learning)
The course can be taken by 12 – 14 years olds and allows the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver to dive with a parent, guardian, instructor or divemaster.  The course is the same as the adult program, but restricts the certification depth to 21m.

PADI Junior Rescue Diver – $480 (Must have CPR and EAR Training certification less than 12 months old)
If you are already a Junior Advanced Open Water diver and heading for Junior Master Scuba Diver then Junior Rescue Diver is your next step. The course content is exactly the same as Rescue Diver but you will still be under the same depth and supervision restrictions after the course.

PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver – From $995 (Must be Junior Rescue Diver)
Young divers ages 12-14 can continue building experience and exploring unique diving environments on their way to the Master Scuba Diver Rating. They must dive with a certified adult.